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Mariefleur Collection

Mariefleur - A romantic pattern, resembling a summer garden
Explore a world of natural harmony
Warming rays of sun and a faint buzzing in the air, accentuated by the scent of a multitude of flowers, gently swaying to and fro in a light breeze – the playfully romantic Mariefleur pattern captures the delightful atmosphere of a rural summer garden, bringing a charming country style to your home.

Be inspired by Monet
Claude Monet, France’s great painter, was not only famous for his water lily pond – he was constantly rearranging flower colours and capturing their natural beauty in his large garden in Giverny. Mariefleur lets you create combinations that go together with masterly finesse, too. The different motifs seem to grow beyond each piece of crockery. In turn, you can give your table a very personal touch.
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Mariefleur Tea Cup
£10.75 ex. VAT
Mariefleur Tea Cup Saucer
£7.50 ex. VAT
Mariefleur Coffee / Tea Cup
£11.58 ex. VAT
Mariefleur Coffee / Tea Cup Saucer
£8.33 ex. VAT
Mariefleur Tea Creamer Small
£12.42 ex. VAT
Mariefleur Creamer Large
£27.08 ex. VAT
Mariefleur French Bowl
£11.58 ex. VAT
Mariefleur Tea Mug - 430ml
£12.42 ex. VAT
Mariefleur Basic Latte Macciato Mug
£17.42 ex. VAT
Mariefleur Tea Biscuit Plate
£14.92 ex. VAT
Mariefleur Salad Plate
£15.75 ex. VAT
Mariefleur Basic Oval Salad Plate
£16.58 ex. VAT